Dr. Fred Pescatore – Patient Reviews and Testimonials

We are so grateful and pleased with the results we received from bringing our 13 year- old son to see Dr. Pescatore in January 2010 for chronic strep infections. Prior to seeing Dr. Pescatore our son was on a longterm antibiotic treatment. During this time he was still getting strep infections monthly and the antibiotics were no longer working. From all the antibiotics he was taking his body began to deteriorate, which affected his overall health and social life. Dr. Pescatore helped our son through diet and vitamins, which has greatly improved his overall health and wellbeing. Dr. Pescatore meticulously selected a plan that would work best for our son and his lifestyle. We are so pleased with the results and guidance that he has provided to us ongoing. Dr. Pescatore has given our son his life back and as parents we couldn’t be happier.
-Jason and Michele C.

I started to see Dr. Pescatore in November 2010 I had high protein in my urine. I tried many of times to lose weight but I never did. Dr. Pescatore and his staff made me open my eyes, and I lost a total of 50lbs. Using the vitamins that the Dr. gave me did wonders for me. I used to walk with a limp, not anymore. I look and feel great now thanks to Dr. Pescatore and his staff. I can’t thank them enough. Today is March 26, 2011, I’m down 50lbs and still losing. -Anthony M.

This is the best I have felt in my entire life! No more belly bloat, diarrhea, or best of all, anxiety. I have been seeing a psychologist my entire life, it seems, for anxiety and through working with Dr. Pescatore, I realized that a good deal of it stemmed from the way I was eating. I am off my anti- depressant medications and have lost over 25 pounds. -Laura K.

I came to see Dr. Pescatore because I had nowhere else to turn. I was only 40 years old, but was on four blood pressure medications and was 40 pounds overweight. Today I am back to the weight I was in college and am off two of my blood pressure medications. I haven’t felt this good in years. -James G.

When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer 15 years ago at the tender age of 50, I thought it was all over. I heard Dr. Pescatore on the radio and decided to make a visit. After my surgery and without any other care except his, I am still alive, well, cancer free and 40 pounds lighter. I couldn’t be happier. –Jane R.

Dr. Pescatore was my savior. I was suffering from allergies and hives all over my body which no other doctor could figure out why, and arthritis and general fatigue. I wanted help badly because I was only 39. I stumbled across The Allergy & Asthma Cure and made an appointment. Within three weeks, the hives and allergy symptoms completely disappeared. I can sleep better than I have in as long as I can remember, no longer have PMS and best of all, I lost 15 pounds in the process. -Linda S.

I am a menopausal woman and run a large company. At a friend’s suggestion, I visited Dr. Pescatore. In under a month, my hot flashes, moodiness, and insomnia disappeared. Within 6 months, I had lost all the weight I wanted to- over 30 pounds. Any woman who has tried to lose weight at this age knows it is almost impossible. Dr. P- you are a miracle worker. -Barbara G.

As a young man with ulcerative colitis, I was always plagued with an irritable bowel and a need to know where the nearest bathroom was. It was controlling my life. Dr. Pescatore completely changed the way I ate and in less than a month I was symptom free and within three months, I threw away my medication. I now recommend all my friends to him. -Jimmy F.

I considered myself pretty knowledgeable when it came to nutrition. However, I am only 38, on blood pressure medication, which I didn’t want to be on and thought I would give Dr. Pescatore a try. I still can’t believe that one year later, I am no longer on any blood pressure medication, feel great and I sleep through the night, I am a new man- my cardiologist is amazed. -Sam T.

I saw Dr. Pescatore because I was overweight, had diabetes, and also a sluggish thyroid. He immediately switched me to a more natural thyroid preparation and I started sleeping through the night. I noticed an almost immediate sense of wellbeing. I began The Hamptons Diet and lost more than 25 pounds. I dropped my blood sugar medication along with several dress sizes. -Deborah L.